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Policy Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

Whether you participate in or donate to one of our events, the Tremblant 24h Foundation (the “Foundation”) attaches great importance to the protection of the personal information you share with us (hereinafter called “personal information.”) The purpose of this policy is to inform you of why and how we obtain personal information, whether it be through our website ( – the “Site”) or otherwise, and what measures we take to protect that information.

Gathering of personal information

We gather the participants’ contact information when they register for one of our events. This can include, along with the full name, their home address, email address, and date of birth. We ask for the same information from individuals who wish to make donations to the Foundation, as well as details regarding the payment of the donation (i.e., the donor’s credit card information).

There might be other circumstances under which we gather personal information; for example, when we hold promotional contests. In such cases, the request for personal information is made openly and with the individual’s consent, and we manage the information in compliance with the present policy.

Use of personal information

The Foundation collates the personal information of donors in order to properly manage the donations including, when applicable, the issuance of a receipt to the donor for income tax purposes.

With regard to participants, the Foundation collates their personal information in order to properly manage their participation in the Foundation’s events.

Furthermore, the Foundation might use personal information for the following purposes:

  • to announce, develop, improve and provide products and services;
  • to facilitate access to Foundation services and events;
  • to evaluate and improve the efficiency of Foundation services and events;
  • to personalise the experience of participants, donors, and other individuals who access the Site;
  • for any other purposes for which the individuals have given their consent, or for all other purposes required or permitted by law or which are described to individuals accessing the Site at the time the personal information is gathered, used or divulged.

Personal information is stored in secure locations as well in servers controlled by the Foundation or by its suppliers of services. We make every reasonable effort to prevent the loss or inappropriate use of the personal information in our possession.

Divulgation of personal information

Subject to the following, the Foundation will not divulge personal information for reasons other than those for which it was gathered, except when the individual has consented or is required by law or by a competent authority.
Participants’ names are published on the Site and in some Foundation documents.

Some individuals, who have been appointed team captains at any of our events, will have access to the personal information of participants on their teams. Also, individuals who sit on committees created for the organisation and promotion of Foundation events could have access to the addresses of participants in order to be able to contact them regarding those events.

In its administration and organisation of events, the Foundation hires external services suppliers. In situations where we divulge personal information to those suppliers, we will divulge only the information that is required. These services suppliers are bound by a confidentiality agreement with the Foundation and by the legal clauses forbidding them from using personal information for purposes other than to implement or facilitate the mandate conferred upon them by the Foundation, unless the individual has granted explicit consent or permission for its additional use.

There are also other circumstances under which we might be required to divulge personal information to a third party. For example, the Foundation may share personal information to a third party hired to perform functions in our name or for a public authority or the representative of a public authority if,  with due notice by the Foundation, there appears to be an imminent threat to life or private property that could be avoided or minimised by the divulgation of that information.

Because of the existing legal framework, we cannot assure you that all of your personal information will never be divulged in a manner that is not in accordance with the present Confidentiality Policy. For example, it is possible that in some cases we are required to provide personal information to the government or to other parties. As such, although our practices are in keeping with industry standards with regard to protection of your private life, we cannot promise that your personal information or your private communications will always remain private, nor must you expect them to be.

Cookies and hyperlinks

The Foundation’s Internet servers can obtain information, both passively and automatically, on the browsing habits of users of the Site, as it can be linked to their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are unique Internet addresses assigned to all Internet users by their Internet Service Providers. The server registers may record statistical information, such as a user’s IP address, the type of operating system being used, the time and length of visits and which pages were accessed. They can also identify user categories in relation to the theme, such as the domain or browser type. These statistical data are generally collated and used by the Foundation in a manner that does not permit identification of Site users.

The Site may use other “cookies.” Cookies are tiny text files placed on a visitor’s computer hard drive by the server Site to store the information relating to the user while he/she browses on a website. Cookies can be stored on your hard drive or in temporary memory (in which case they are deleted when you shut down the browser or turn off your computer). We may use cookies to get information about your previous browsing interests and activities, and we do so in order to help offer you better services. You can deactivate our cookies in your browser’s setting. Go to the Help section of your browser for more information on how to deactivate cookies. Please note, however, that deactivating cookies could result in the loss of some Site functionality.

The Site may also contain hyperlinks to other Internet sites. They are provided for reference purposes only and may have their own differing practices and policies concerning the protection of personal information. The Foundation takes no responsibility for the Internet sites of other parties and you are encouraged to read their confidentiality policies if you choose to visit their websites.

Messages from the Foundation

If you provided us with your mailing or electronic address, it is possible that we will send you information about our programmes or services. If you do not wish to receive information of this kind, please let us know at

Withdrawal of consent and access to personal information

You may withdraw your consent to the Foundation’s use of your personal information by sending a written request to, subject to the applicable legal and contractual restrictions and with reasonable notice. Your personal data can then be deleted. This may, however, curtail our ability to provide you with certain products and services. You may contact the Foundation for details concerning the effects of the withdrawal of your consent or for removing your personal data.

You may also access and modify the personal information held by the Foundation by making the necessary changes to the personal information in your user profile. You might be asked for a written request with one or more pieces of identity. We ask for proof of identity to ensure, among other reasons, that we do not unintentionally divulge your personal information to a third party claiming to be you.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our confidentiality policy or practices, or would like to make changes to the communications we send you, please contact us in one of the following ways:
by email:

by phone: 1-855-260-7484

By mail:
Tremblant 24h Foundation
1000 chemin des Voyageurs
Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
Canada J8E 1T1

Policy updated: April 25, 2020