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“When I grow up, I will be cured.”

-Charles Bruneau

To date, more than 15 million dollars have been donated for cancer-free childhood. We are proud to be the largest donor in the history of the Fondation Charles-Bruneau. 

Did you know?


  • Every day, in Québec, a child is diagnosed with cancer. 
  • One third of children cured of cancer live with major after-effects; 
  • Since 1980, the rate of overall recovery from the main types of cancer has increased from 30% to over 80%.

Where do your donations go?

Benjamin Saine

Owing to advances in research, they lead to a cure, and reduce the side effects of treatment, for more than 80% of children who get cancer.




Projets de recherche

They give researchers the means to achieve their ambitions by funding promising research projects that give hope to the families of children whose cancer is resistant to current treatments.

Équipements, des installations à la fine pointe et des plateformes technologiques

They finance the acquisition of equipment, cutting-edge facilities, and technological platforms that speed the benefits of research to the patient's bedside.

Thérapie par les arts

They help fund the art therapy program, which alleviates stress and helps afflicted children, as well as their siblings, to express the emotions they feel during treatments.


They fund the long-term aftercare program. In Quebec today, some 4,000 young adults between 18 and 40 are survivors of pediatric cancer.



Pharmacie satellite

They fund a satellite pharmacy service that facilitates access to medication for the families of hemato-oncology patients seen in the outpatient clinic.