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24h Tremblant: Another Resounding Success Amid Tricky Weather Conditions

With this year’s $4,011,126 million tally, the event has raised more than 43 million dollars since 2001 for children in Quebec !

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The 24h Tremblant Returns to the Mountain

Nearly 3000 participants expected; programming for the new 24hFest unveiled.

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Le 24h Tremblant dévoile ses ambassadeurs et son nouveau 24hFest

Mont-Tremblant, le 17 novembre 2021 – Pour son grand retour à la montagne, le 24h Tremblant prend des airs de festival et dévoile aujourd’hui les ambassadeurs de sa 21e édition, qui se tiendra du 10 au 12 décembre. Ce sont :
• Les animateurs Dominic Arpin, Philippe Fehmiu, Frédéric Plante, Benoît Gagnon et Phil Denis
• Les ex-athlètes Alexandre Despatie, Alexandre Bilodeau et Erik Guay
• La nageuse Aurélie Rivard 


The 24h Tremblant donates $2,276,000 to its beneficiary foundations!

Mont-Tremblant, May 6 2021 - The exceptional success of the 24h Tremblant, which took place remotely last December and shone a spotlight well beyond Quebec on the great cause for children, has made it possible for the organization to donate the impressive sum of $2,276,000 to its beneficiary foundations.


More Than a Virtual Happening...Tremblant’s 24h is a Winning Remote Community!

Mont-Tremblant,  December  6,  2020 - The  organizers  of Tremblant’s 24h are thrilled by the success of its 20th edition, which was held virtually and resulted in a wave of exceptional solidarity that brought people together across Quebec, Ontario, Whistler, and even Budapest and Thailand.

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Tremblant’s 24h Fundraiser Kicks Off Ambitious Target of $2M Set for 20th Edition

Montreal, November 10, 2020 – The 20th edition of Tremblant’s 24h – this year, a virtual version – has officially kicked off its fundraising campaign. This donation drive is most meaningful; given the heavy toll the pandemic is taking on the charitable foundations that benefit from the event.