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It is essential to give back locally to the region that has generously hosted Tremblant’s 24h event for 20 years. Over 3 million dollars have been donated to the Fondation Tremblant since 2001 to support its mission of coming to the aid of disadvantaged and special needs children in the MRC des Laurentides. The Fondation Tremblant gives these children a chance for a better quality of life, and in this way, to develop their full potential. The Fondation plays a key role in allocating donations to the projects that they deem to be the most relevant and urgent, put forward by accredited and recognized non-profit organisations in the region.

Did you know?

  • Nearly 20% of children in the MRC des Laurentides live in a low-income family with limited material and social resources
  • The conditions in which these children grow up have a determining influence on their development and their scholastic success
  • One in four children is vulnerable in at least one of the following five areas of development: physical health and well-being, social skills, emotional maturity, cognitive development and language and communication skills
  • Almost one third of the total number of food bank users are children

Where do your donations go?

Through the mediation of numerous local organisations, the Fondation Tremblant works to mitigate the deficiencies and the needs, to offer the “little extra” that makes a big difference in the lives of children and helps them develop as much as possible.

Camp de jour Fondation Tremblant

They provide day camps and summer camps that are accessible, adapted to the needs of young people living with a developmental disability or a physical handicap. Image tuile: maisonfamille

la samaritaine aide alimentaire

They make it possible for Moisson Laurentides to ensure continuous delivery of supplies to food banks, an essential support

thérapie musicale autisme

They ensure the distribution of hundreds of lunchboxes, breakfasts and snacks to various schools

enfants hockey 24h tremblant

They support programs for the prevention of child neglect and violence against children.