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Every dollar raised makes a difference

Tremblant’s 24h is a charitable event managed by the Fondation 24h Tremblant. Thanks to the support of several thousands of donors and participants each year, we have distributed more than 36 million dollars for children’s causes since 2001. Every year, these donations go toward funding organisations with a medical or a social purpose with a major impact on the lives of our youth. 
We believe that every dollar raised counts. This is why we are proud to turn over 80% of donations to our recipient foundations, or 80 cents on every dollar raised from donors.
With the combined costs for the organisation, campaign, administration and communications at 20%, the Fondation 24h Tremblant is in good standing in the charitable sector, taking into account that the national average for non-profit organisations is 26%, according to the organisation Imagine Canada.

Updated table of redistribution of donations

Amount distributed 2019 Turnover percentage 2019
$ 4 000 000 80%


Amount distributed 2018 Turnover percentage 2018 
$ 3 200 000 78%


Amount distributed 2017 Turnover percentage 2017
$ 3 100 000 79%


Allocation of donations distributed to each foundation | 2019

diagramme circulaire réparttion des dons