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Yoan sponsored kid 24h Tremblant

I'm strong, I'm tall, I'm determined!

Yoan, learning to speak

Hello, my name is Yoan, I am 9 years old and I live with verbal dyspraxia (language disorder).


"I attend Campus Primaire Tremblant school in a specialized language class. I'm in Grade 2. Every day I work very, very hard to make myself understood, whether in the classroom or in my everyday life. Especially when I meet people who don't know me!"

Yoan's speech sound disorder is a disorder of the coordination of the planning of sounds to be produced in relation to motor execution. In his brain, he knows what to say, but the disorder is mechanical. Yoan's greatest dream is to speak and make himself understood!

"What I find difficult is being different from the other kids. But I'm just like other kids my age: I like video games, playing with a ball, riding a scooter. What I miss is being able to have great conversations. Mom says that my charm makes me unique and that my greatest strength is determination. And it's true! I'm determined to learn, and I'm working hard with my speech therapist Sandra to get there."

Thanks to Fondation Tremblant, I can go cross-country skiing and benefit from speech therapy, which makes all the difference!


For my family and me, the 24h means... people's determination to help children.

Thank you for being an important part of this vast wave of solidarity!

You’re giving children hope for a brighter future through various programs and research projects funded by the 24h and its beneficiaries: Fondation Charles-Bruneau, CHEO Foundation, CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and Fondation Tremblant.

Your donations matter. They make a real difference in the lives of Yoan and thousands of children.


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