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Karl sponsored kid 24h Tremblant

What motivates me? Looking at my mountain bike and visualizing myself going downhill!

Karl, in remission

I'm Karl, I'm 15 and I'm in remission from acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

I love the outdoors, I love to move and play sports; I'm passionate about basketball, mountain biking, field hockey and golf, and I started downhill skiing in 2020, the year I was diagnosed with leukemia.

At the onset of the disease, I was hospitalized for two weeks, and during my intensive treatment period, I had to receive three chemotherapies a day four to five times a week at CHEO, in addition to numerous transfusions. I wasn't hungry, I felt very tired and I lay down most of the time. My parents, who were always there for me, felt very helpless. I'd tell them I'd be fine, but the hardest part was fighting the fatigue and tolerating the pain. It lasted nine months! Luckily I had my dog Jack to keep me company!

I now have a lot less pain and a lot more energy. My treatments are over and I'm slowly getting back into shape. What's most motivating is that I can finally move around, discover new things, play video games, go to the movies, cook and see my friends!

Thanks to the CHEO Foundation, we get to meet some incredible people! 


For our family, the 24h means... a gathering of people with a big heart and a desire to make a difference for a good cause! An excellent idea that Quebec should be proud of!

Thank you for being an important part of this vast wave of solidarity!

You’re giving children hope for a brighter future through various programs and research projects funded by the 24h and its beneficiaries: Fondation Charles-Bruneau, CHEO Foundation, CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and Fondation Tremblant.

Your donations matter. They make a real difference in the lives of Karl and thousands of children.


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