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Belha sponsored kid 24h Tremblant

Brave and capable, that's what defines me!

Belha, in remission

My name is Belha, I'm 11 years old and I was treated for medulloblastoma (cerebellum tumor).

On October 17, 2020, the diagnosis came as a shock! Belha had a high-grade, fast-growing tumor; a medulloblastoma in the cerebellum. Three weeks after the life-changing announcement, Belha and her mom left for Boston for two months. While there, Belha received proton radiation and chemotherapy. On their return, chemotherapy became part of Belha's life for the next six months at CHEO.

The impact on her life is wide-ranging: multiple scars, hair loss that won't grow back the way it used to, pain, memory loss, absence from school, adapted school plan, reduced hearing, reduced growth and disgust with food are just a few.

Despite it all, one of the hardest things for Belha was to give up gymnastics. 

Brave, smiling and giggling, Belha is, according to her mother, a big girl in a little girl's body, very mature, a good listener and independent. In remission for two years, Belha has been discharged from neuropsychology, physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychoeducation. She undergoes regular MRIs, oncology follow-ups and hormone therapy, but most of all she can enjoy the things she loves: drawing, playing pear ball, swimming, inviting friends over, writing songs, singing, dancing and listening to music!

Everyone at CHEO has been so supportive!


For Belha and her family, the 24h is... an outburst of generosity!

Thank you for being an important part of this vast wave of solidarity!

You’re giving children hope for a brighter future through various programs and research projects funded by the 24h and its beneficiaries: Fondation Charles-Bruneau, CHEO Foundation, CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and Fondation Tremblant.

Your donations matter. They make a real difference in the lives of Belha and thousands of children.


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