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Aidan sponsored kid 24h Tremblant

Mom often says that every day brings us closer to getting better.

Aidan, in treatment

My name is Aidan, I'm 5 years old and I'm being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Since my diagnosis in December 2022, I've been in and out of hospital. Sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a few weeks. Right now, I have one treatment day a week at the outpatient clinic of the Charles-Bruneau Unit at CHUL in Quebec City. I left the daycare centre in December 2022 and have returned for a few hours every now and then to play outside with my friends. I have to avoid seeing them indoors to avoid catching nasty viruses and bacteria that would send me right back to the hospital. The treatments are quite intense and not easy. I have to take a lot of pills on top of all the treatments. 

Mom and Dad say I'm a cheerful, funny, generous, caring little ray of sunshine who shows exceptional courage and resilience for my age. I simply say that I'm as strong as Spiderman and Ironman, my two favourite superheroes. I love superheroes, and Mom says I'm one, in my own way.

I'm very active: I love riding my bike, playing outside, running, going for walks or "expeditions" in the forest with my parents and my dog Yellow, a Golden Retriever! I love dancing and playing music. And I really enjoy being read to and cooking with my parents.

We're fortunate to have a  Charles-Bruneau Unit close to home!


For Aidan's family, the 24h means... a chance to give back. And to show Aidan that in the midst of hardship, there is a great deal of beauty and goodness. 

Thank you for being an important part of this vast wave of solidarity!

You’re giving children hope for a brighter future through various programs and research projects funded by the 24h and its beneficiaries: Fondation Charles-Bruneau, CHEO Foundation, CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and Fondation Tremblant.

Your donations matter. They make a real difference in the lives of Aidan and thousands of children.


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