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Find answers to your questions about maps (course, trail, and site maps) as well as lodging, parking and more!

Practical Information


Quick Guide for the Eco-responsible Participant powered by Evolugen

Read the best practices guide for a greener 24h! To motivate you, Evolugen is committed to offsetting the kilometers you travel by car to get to the event by planting trees.


Tools to Download for Your Donation Drive

Fundraising Guide

The best tips and advices for a successful fundraising!



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Photos to Download

Here are the most beautiful pictures for your collection initiatives.




Images for Social Media Posting

Upload images of the sponsored children and share them on social media to promote your donation drive.


Zoom Backdrop

A Backdrop for Your Videoconference Calls

You may now upload the 24h backdrop on the videoconference platform of your choice!


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5 important steps to prepare yourself for an optimal 24h experience !

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Book your accommodations as soon as possible.

A number of options are open to your team, according to your needs. 24h participants receive a special rate when they use this link.

Discover the Fundraising Guide

It's your go-to toolkit for getting donations. Logo, email signature, ideas for your campaign, etc.: take advantage of some smart advice to optimize your efforts.
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Familiarize yourself with the children’s cause.

Learn more about the impact of 24h on the childrenthe foundations we support and the child your team is sponsoring. Sharing this information with potential donors is the best incentive for them to join the cause.