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Now that your teams are signed up and motivated, it’s time to start working on your fund raising campaign!

Participant au départ du 24h de Tremblant

1. Set a goal!

  • Decide what your fundraising goal will be and enter it on the donations thermometer on your profile. 

  • As a way of staying motivated for the duration of your campaign, talk to your teammates and set an ambitious team goal.

Did you know that...?
The minimum fundraising goal is $500 per participant. Does that sound like a lot to you? Don’t worry, our participants collect on average $1000 each! 

Un jeune participants du 24h Tremblant qui a fait la plus grande levée de dons

2. Get to know the cause


  • Understanding the impact of the 24h on children’s causes plays an important role in the way you do your fundraising.   
  • Learn more about the foundations and the programs supported by the 24h event, the projects realised thanks to donations and also about the statistics related to this initiative.
  • Learn how the 24h changes the life of the child sponsored by your team, an excellent way to put a face on the cause.  

These will be your arguments to encourage your donors to take action.


Learn more about the cause

Participants au départ du 24h Tremblant de course

3. Make your action plan

  • Be creative and take advantage of your networks to optimise your fundraising efforts. 
  • Posting on your social networks, making asks by email, getting your family and friends involved, organising events: try every way you can to reach your goals...and then do it again!
  • Adapt your actions according to your results, repeat your message and diversify your strategy; these are the keys to success. 
  • Refer to the Fundraising Toolbox guide for a successful fundraising campaign!