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Théodore enfant parrainé 24 Tremblant

I am brave!

Théodore, in remission

My name is Théodore, I'm 9 years old and I'm in remission from chronic myeloid leukemia.

In June 2022, Théodore was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease in children: chronic myeloid leukemia. Since 1985, only about 30 pediatric cases have been documented in Ontario, which underscores the rarity of this condition.

At first, Théo received oral treatments that put him into remission for a few months, until it was discovered he had become resistant to the treatment. 

Doctors determined a stem cell transplant was necessary, but no family member was compatible. As a result, Théodore received stem cells from an anonymous donor at the SickKids Hospital in Toronto, where he had to stay for over four months, far from his family and his sister Maya. He couldn’t go to school or see friends for his whole third grade, which was especially hard for him. 

In spite of these setbacks, Théo showed remarkable courage and intelligence. He is an extremely curious child who charms everyone who crosses his path. Ask him about his dream of visiting Japan, and he’ll captivate you with his enthralling stories!

For Théodore’s parents, the most important thing is to fully enjoy every moment spent with family. As they say, “Our children’s happiness is our greatest satisfaction.” Théodore has been through a lot for such a young boy, but today he’s back at school, back to his usual activities, and savouring every moment of his remission.

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