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Olivia enfant parrainée 24h Tremblant

Even on the worst days, I found the strength to keep going!

Olivia, in remission

Hi, my name is Olivia, I am 7 years old and I am in remission from large-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

It all started at bath time one evening in fall 2021. Olivia was five years old, and her mom noticed an unusual, sensitive lump on her daughter’s left groin. The doctor they saw at the clinic the next morning advised them to go to a children’s hospital. One month of tests, scans and blood tests later, Olivia underwent an operation to remove and analyze the mass. The results arrived a few days before Christmas, the night of December 15, 2021, a date that is forever engraved in memories. On the phone the surgeon, who was also the department head, announced that their darling Olivia had a lymphoma. “At that very moment, the surgeon’s voice became just a noise in our ears. Time stopped and the ground collapsed beneath our feet. Everything started spinning. Nothing made sense. Our five-year-old daughter had CANCER!” recall Pascale and Pierre, Olivia’s parents.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital quickly became a second home when Olivia’s treatments started on December 23. For six months, she showed remarkable and admirable strength of character. Naturally, Olivia found her own powerful, effective ways to get herself through the difficult times, discomforts, frustrations and fears that come with this disease and its treatment. With inexhaustible energy, the always giggly Olivia bravely finished  her last cycle of chemotherapy . Today, she enjoys everything she loves: bicycle outings with her family, camping, movies and her dog Willy, who joined the family near the end of Olivia’s treatments.

After everything they have been through, Olivia’s parents are convinced that, “Today, our life as parents is completely different. Our reference points and values have changed, and we savour every moment spent with our daughters in a completely new way. Olivia taught us to be strong in the face of an ordeal and to take nothing for granted.”

Thank you Fondation Charles-Bruneau for funding research in pediatric hemato-oncology! 



For the families of our child heroes, participating in the 24h Tremblant is an opportunity to celebrate life, courage and hope.

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