$ 2 069 143


$ 271 048


24 hours is not long : it's 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds, or again the time between two sunrises. But the 24h of Tremblant is a lot's 3 relay events to support children's causes. 3 fundraising events that contribute, with the help of different beneficiaries, to improve the well-being of children that are sick or in need. Tremblant's 24h events have a real impact in children's lives!


24 hours later...$2,302,643. Congratulations to all skiers, walkers and runners for your extraordinary commitment. Thanks to you, a record was set!


Pierre Rodrigue

Pierre Rodrigue is a friend and a remarkable man who doesn't seek the spotlight but works selflessly behind the scenes to help us make the 24h such an extraordinary event.

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Mont Tremblant

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