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I'm strong, and so is my family!

Laurent - in treatment

My name is Laurent. I am 8 years old and I have a brain tumour called craniopharyngioma.

My tumour is located in the pituitary gland. It created cysts that compressed my optic nerves, which made me lose part of my peripheral vision. I am lucky, if I had not been operated on I could have lost my sight completely. The tumour also disturbs my hormones. Since I stopped growing at the age of 4, I have had to get injections every day to encourage my growth. I have diabetes insipidus, from adrenal insufficiency and my thyroid is acting up. This year, I will be in grade 3 in a fantastic school! I love learning new things and I am a real fan of encyclopedias and documentaries. I would love to become an exotic animal specialist. I live in Beauce and my biggest dream is to go to Africa to see the giraffes! In the meantime, we love going out as a family, my four brothers and sisters and dad and mom and me!

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