The rules should be followed to the letter by all participants

General rules - Tremblant's 24h

  • Emphasis is on participation, fun and safety.
  • For your safety and out of fairness to other competitors, you must stay on the marked course at all times.
  • Bib should be fully visible at all times.
  • When leaving a relay, the racer should have his complete equipment, timing chip and bib fully visible before leaving the transition zone.
  • Relays between team members are left to each team’s discretion and must be made in the relay area.
  • Each team is responsible for putting on and wearing its timing chip and race bib. Only the recorded laps will count.
  • All changes to the chip are forbidden. A $125 charge will apply for any chip that is not returned.
  • Each team is responsible for their results: ensuring their accuracy and informing the timing center of any discrepancies.
  • Only runs completed by noon (before 12PM) will count against the results.
  • Penalties (reduction of Km or added time) and disqualification will be applied if rules are not respected.
Penalty and Disqualification

The rules should be strictly followed by all participants. Security, team spirit and respect for other participants are priorities in this event.

Should a team not uphold the rules outlined by the organisation, collect penalties or violate the 24 h spirit (security, team spirit and respect for others), or engage in any other behaviour not specified above for which it is judged to be at fault, the organisation will determine the type of sanction to be levied, up to and including disqualification of the team.

Penalty examples

No bib or bib not visible
Lack of respect toward a member of the organisation
Any other behaviour that violates security measures, respect for others and the spirit of sportsmanship

Fundraising remains the priority. Hence, the team that raises the most money will be crowned the big winner of the 24h.

These rules are for information purposes. Details will be given during the MANDATORY information meeting.

Ski rules

  • One (1) team member at a time is permitted on the course.
  • The first relayer must have left his/her equipment near the gondola, on the marked ski rack, before the start.
  • Helmets are mandatory for all participants.
  • The organizers will give each team one (1) extra access pass into the Transition Zone for an accompanying person. Only the junior category teams will be allowed two (2) extra passes for accompanying persons. No additional passes will be granted or accepted.
  • Participants must be wearing a participant’s bracelet for access into the Transition Zone.
  • Each team will receive one relay armband, which allows the participant taking the next turn to enter the Relay Area. Accompanying persons will not be allowed into the Relay Area.
  • Downhill suits or any other suits are forbidden.
  • Specialized downhill skis and Super-G ski are forbidden - 190 cm Max.
  • Downhill position forbidden
  • Respect the Mountain Code of Conduct – see below. Strict monitoring of the Mountain code of conduct will be observed in the slow down sections, Roy Scott, transition and chairlift boarding areas.
Penalty and Disqualification

The 24h staff can apply penalties to teams that do not follow the rules. Penalties will take the form of a time-out at the top of the run. The length of each penalty will depend on the infraction and will be at the sole discretion of officials.

Penalty examples :

No helmet or helmet that is not attached
Failure to follow the Mountain code of conduct
Downhill skiing
Speeding on the Roy Scott trail, slow down and transition zones
Roughness – on a run or chairlift
Collision caused by excessive speed or lack of control

Mountain Code of Conduct
  1. 1. Remain in control of your speed and direction. Make sure you can stop and avoid any person or obstacle.
  2. 2. Yield the right of way to persons downhill and choose a course that ensures their safety.
  3. 3. Stop on a trail only if you are visible from above and if you are not obstructing the trail.
  4. 4. Yield the right of way to persons uphill when entering a trail and at intersections.
  5. 5. If you are involved in or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to a first-aider.
  6. 6. Use and wear a proper device to prevent runaway equipment at all times.
  7. 7. Keep off the lifts and trails if your ability is impaired by the use of alcohol or drugs.
  8. 8. Obey all signs and warnings and never venture off the trails or onto a closed trail.

Walk / Run rules

  • The Transition Zone, is an area reserved for participants and their accompanying teammates. This is where relays must take place (exchange of race bib and timing chip).
  • It is mandatory that participants on the course between 5 p.m. on Saturday and 7:30 a.m. on Sunday wear a lit headlamp.
  • Walkers or runners moving as a group must never take up the entire width of the course in order to leave enough room for faster participants to pass.
  • When overtaking participants on the course, you must call out to them to let them know of your presence and pass them on the left-hand side.
  • Participants on the two-way portions (see the map) must always stay on the right side of the course.
  • Participants under the age of 12 must always be accompanied by an adult participant or accompanying teammate.
Specific rules – WALK EVENT

The teams in the WALK EVENT fit into two categories: RELAY and CUMULATIVE RESULTS.

Electronic chip – Team
This timing chip is used to count the total number of laps completed by the team and to rank the team in the RELAY results. Only one member wears this chip.

Electronic chip – Individual
Each team receives a MAXIMUM of twelve (12) individual timing chips (in addition to the team chip). These chips are used to tally the total number of kilometers completed by the team as a whole and to rank the team in the CUMULATIVE RESULTS.

The WALK EVENT teams can have as many as 12 participants on the course at once in the CUMULATIVE RESULTS category.

Specific rules – HYBRID EVENT

Every team member taking part in the HYBRID EVENT wears an individual chip. Only individual results are announced for this event.

The team results are announced for information purposes only, given the differences in team membership in the HYBRID EVENT.

The teams in the HYBRID EVENT can have up to 12 members walking and running on the course at once.

Specific rule – RUN EVENT

Each team gets one (1) team timing chip specific to its race bib number.

This timing chip records the total number of laps completed by the team and ranks the team in the different categories.

Each RUN EVENT team can have an accompanying teammate (participant) with the runner wearing the timing chip and race bib. This accompanying teammate has to wear an armband in order to be on the course.